HME News Business Summit | September 22-24, 2019 | The Ritz-Carlton

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The HME News Business Summit has it all:

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The must-attend conference for HME providers

Over the past 14 years, the HME News Business Summit has established itself as the premier education event for HME leaders. This is not your standard education. The Summit prides itself on offering education that can help you see the HME industry and your business in a different way. If you've attended before, you already know how vital this event is to your business. If you've never attended, now is the time!

Timing is everything

This year’s HME News Business Summit kicks off on Monday, Sept. 23, about a week after the bid window closes for Round 2021. The event is in Cleveland no less, one of the original nine competitive bidding areas.

Why is this important?

What better time, than the week after a big deadline—after spending weeks, if not months, with your noses in calculators and DbidS—to pick your heads up and take in the bigger picture. Because, while competitive bidding has been largely all-consuming for the HME industry, there’s a dizzying amount of change going on in health care, in general, and that’s just as important.

That’s a big reason why, when we built the education program for this year’s Summit, we pulled in outside experts to provide thought leadership on the industry and its role in the continuum of care.

The keynote session will be a “fireside chat” between Josh Marx of the Medical Service Company and J.B. Silvers, a leading healthcare economist. They’ll talk about many of the themes that underly the sessions in this year’s program, including vertical integration and consumerization in health care.

Attendees will also hear from Dr. William Zafirau, who heads up the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Connected Care, a division that brings together all home and transitional care services. How does one of the most pre-eminent healthcare systems in the country view the role of home care as medicine transitions from volume to value?

Additionally, attendees will hear from Aaron Sheedy of Xealth on digitally enabling care, and Kevin Caliendo and Matthew Taylor from UBS on potential large new players in HME. These are speakers you’ll be hard pressed to hear from, at another industry event.

They say timing is everything. On Sept. 23, it’s time to think big.

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